R&S Tech Services Hamilton Ontario

Dynamic Balancing

Industrial Dynamic Balancing Service

R&S is a full service dynamic balancing shop that has the ability to turn around large intricate balancing jobs with very short lead times to the customers exacting specifications.

We can, at present, handle from 0.25lbs to 7000lbs and have balanced paper mill rollers with lengths of 35'. We have fabricated a larger balancing stand that can handle 20,000lbs and swing 120", which is ideal for the balancing of large fans, crushers, and electric motors.

All of our balancing leaves the plant with its own computer generated report. This ensures accuracy of the final product as well as giving the customer an as received report to show what the condition of the rotor was before we made any corrections.

Dynamic Balancing Service in Hamilton

R&S feels that a properly balanced part will lengthen the bearing life of all rotors. This will reduce costly downtime due to excessive vibration as well as bearing failure.

We have a long list of satisfied customers, ranging from small motor rewind shops to GE and Ontario Power as well as almost all of the machine shops in the Golden Horseshoe.

In our eyes, all customers are of equal priority.

R&S can keep our customers costs lower by offering the machining, fabricating, and balancing under one roof. This in turn keeps a tighter control on all aspects of that job.